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Our client J A Ball had been contracted to build a six- storey apartment building to provide 40 luxury two-bedroom properties for the private rental sector (PRS) market.

We were briefed to design and manufacture a five-storey pre-insulated, light gauge steel superstructure which could be erected over a transfer platform, with undercroft ground floor parking.

The finished building was to be clad in brick slips, with cantilevered, 'plant on' oriel bay windows incorporated as architectural design features.

The main challenges for this project were its location and the phasing of the build: We were faced with working on a tight, city centre site where access and lay down areas were heavily restricted. And, the building's construction was split into two phases, which meant we needed to create a bespoke plan for the installation of our steel frame.

We overcame both of these challenges to enable the build to progress on programme.

Working on sites with restricted access is something we regularly experience and the nature of our offsite system means we can deliver to site as needed, require little or no storage space and can be easily scheduled to fit in with other trades.

Then, to manage the split phasing of the build, we used a 'leap frog' system whereby half of one section would be built, then the panels for the next half, laid on top of it.

Our planning and approach to the project worked so well that we actually completed our build programme ahead of schedule - in just nine weeks instead of the proposed 14.

"We know how Fusion's system works so knew it would be ideal for this particular site in Birmingham. We also needed to achieve a low U-value for our client and as Fusion's system is pre-insulated, it provides guarantees which standard on-site insulation systems might struggle to compete with.

"Once again, the Fusion team worked efficiently, managed the challenges thrown at them and completed ahead of schedule." Adam Ball, Director, J A Ball Ltd


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