Benefits of LSF Construction

Delivering benefits both economically and structurally, light steel framing systems offer numerous advantages such as faster build times and increased performance. Steel is non-combustible and does not add to the fire load of a building, therefore the fire risk during construction and when in use is vastly reduced.  

Offering the best strength-to-weight ratio improves efficiencies – you get a lot of structure for relatively little weight which reduces embodied carbon. This means that foundation loads and sizes can be reduced by over 70% relative to concrete and block-work construction.

Established & Certified: Proven and versatile technology fully compatible with BIM modelling, with an established supply chain and third party certified to industry standards. 

Building Regulations: Light steel systems meet all building regulations standards across regions and countries, ensuring safety and security for occupants.

Design Versatility: Due to its strength-to-weight ratio and ease of installation, light steel offers greater adaptability than other materials when it comes to designing complex structures.

Loadbearing Capacity: Light steel is one of the strongest materials available for loadbearing capacity, making it ideal for large scale residential projects, commercial buildings or multi-storey complexes.

Enhanced Quality: Manufactured in factory-controlled environments light steel structures achieve accuracy of design, installation and as a robust product, can create long spans and large openings.

Excellent Performance: Structurally strong and thermally efficient reducing heating requirements and in use carbon emissions. Light steel systems improve fire, acoustic, airtightness, weathertightness characteristics and deliver enhanced safety performance. 

Sustainability: A high percentage of steel is manufactured from recycled stock with end-of-life potential for re-use. Components are rolled to length which results in no production waste. Site waste is virtually eliminated, and fewer deliveries to site reduce carbon in construction. 

Fast-track Solution: Up to 40% faster than traditional methods, reducing building schedules and construction liabilities. Offsite technology reduces on site labour requirements and allows early access for follow-on trades.


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