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  1. The LSFA Manufacturer Member category includes: fabricators, manufacturers, processors and structural building contractors. (£3,000 plus VAT per year)

  2. The LSFA Supply Chain Member category includes: product supply chain, service supply chain. (£1,750 plus VAT per year)

  3. The LSFA Installer Member category includes: erectors or installers. (£1,250 plus VAT per year)

  4. The LSFA Consultant Member category includes: architects designers, engineers, structural engineers. (£975 plus VAT per year)

  5. The LSFA Affiliate Member category includes: research bodies, membership organisations, universities, technical colleges. (£500 plus VAT per year)

  6. The LSFA Client Member category includes: principal contractors, developers, end clients (£0 per year)

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