Whilst ARV Solutions has been placing professionals across the light steel framing sector since 2007, this was historically not a significant area for the offsite construction recruitment specialists - until recent years that is. Here Jim Roach Managing Director and Founder discusses recruitment strategies in a rapidly growing industry.

We have actually placed double the amount of candidates in the light steel sector this year than any other before! This is all very encouraging – however, in a rapidly developing market there are important factors to consider.

Recruitment has always been competitive in offsite construction related markets, and from time to time we have seen active poaching running rife. We have seen employers targeting their competitors to bring in relevant skills and the inevitable retaliation.

As an ethical recruitment business in this market for the long term, we shy away from actively poaching of staff from one specific business to another. There could be a short-term gain but it brings long term issues both for us, and for the sector as a whole. The problem is – there is no net gain for anyone.

For the future success of a rapidly growing sector, we need to move away from short-term answers. The solution for the long-term is to attract more people into the sector. They then need to be well trained and developed to progress within the industry.

We are seeing employers becoming more open to bringing in skills and cross-train, however there is still a reluctance at least initially, to consider people from other industries.

New sectors need new thinking. If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. We look forward to seeing the sector continue its growth trajectory, through bringing in new skills and new thinking to really take it forward to its best potential.

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