LSF Used in Salford Affordable Housing Developments Built to Passivhaus Standards

Light steel framing systems are being used on a number of new affordable housing developments around Salford, some of the first to be built to Passivhaus standards.

The schemes are being promoted by Salford City Council and, on completion, they will provide a range of options for occupants such as affordable homes (social and affordable rent), home ownership and private rented accommodation. This approach will increase the affordable provision, affordable housing sector development and delivery capacity in Salford.

Five sites across Salford are being transformed, to deliver new homes to Passivhaus standards – the internationally recognised low energy standard, using LSF. The five sites are Ryall Avenue, Clifton Green and Irwell Valley, which are complete, and St Lukes and Longshaw Drive which are both still under construction.

Bolton-based Mansell Building Solutions, specialists in delivering LSF solutions, is leading the construction, along with Seddon Construction.

Working with Seddon Construction, Mansell Building Solutions is building the two and three-storey apartments on each site, using off-site construction. The construction involves applying a specialist wrap to the outside of the frame, to fully encase each building and achieve an air tightness rating of below 0.

The original architecture-led design specified fitting an air-tight lining on the inside of building shell, but Mansell Building Solutions’ team identified that the steel-to-steel connections would have broken the air-tight seal. To achieve the airtight finish, a different design approach was required.

Mansell Building Solutions proposed an alternative solution for wrapping the building; namely, applying Proctor wrap to the outside of the frame, to fully envelop the building.

Mansell Building Solutions’ off-site approach meant it could achieve a better-quality standard by applying the breathing membrane around the outside of the LSF construction.

By using off-site construction, Mansell Building Solutions delivered the highest quality build in reduced timeframes, helping streamline the build programme. The steel frames at Ryall, Irwell Valley and St Lukes all went up on schedule, with timeframes shortening with each project. St Lukes’ steel frame was complete in seven weeks.

These sites are some of the first Passivhaus projects to be constructed using a LSF and off-site construction techniques.


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