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British Offsite offers a range of solutions to the complexities of modern housebuilding by utilising best in class modern methods of construction (MMC) alongside traditional construction techniques. After completing over 600 homes this year, in partnership with Weston Homes, its MMC approach cuts down the time between a site's ground-breaking and first handovers by up to 20 per cent.

High density, urban brownfield development presents some of the most challenging projects in the residential arena. The pressure to deliver units at scale and within clearly defined design parameters means many projects default to a more traditional approach to construction. This leaves them vulnerable to supply chain delays, labour shortages, storage and delivery issues – all of which can result in increased costs and a slower return on investment.

By bringing critical processes off-site, project teams can eliminate risk and take total control over their final design solutions. This, alongside traditional on-site volume housebuilding methods, results in a hybrid solution that eases the pressure of delivering world-class architecture and design.

This results in development projects that benefit from:

-    Acceleration of overall delivery/completion
-    Reduced site waste
-    A reduction in on-site inventory (i.e less breakage/wastage)
-    No more labour/skills shortages
-    Better cash-flow management
-    Improved health & safety issues
-    Reduced noise pollution & disruption

In addition, British Offsite added that its approach helps it deal with the skills shortages facing the industry. British Offsite managing director Shaun Weston said: "The skills shortage in the construction industry was widely reported before Brexit, and now we're in a post-Brexit environment where the pandemic has further reduced access to skills. With the work of up to five trades consolidated into our panels, customers like Weston Homes are more protected from the skills shortage and construction can continue unhindered."

A good example of how this works in reality is Abbey Quay, Barking, the riverside development where 13 residential blocks range from 7 to 29-storeys in height. The six-acre, 1,000 homes scheme will be delivered over the next 5-years and will use the UNI-Panel and UNI-Wall system throughout. All homes provide contemporary open plan living with designer kitchens, luxury bathrooms, smart technology incorporating a range of British Offsite fitted modules including bathroom vanity units, quartz worktops and bespoke storage solutions.

With a £37 million UK investment, a second 137,000 sq ft factory is being built at the Horizon 120 Business, Innovation & Logistics park in Braintree. The factory will be operational from May 2023. The company believes the new factory will deliver 4,000 homes per year.

The new steel panel factory will include a £6m production line, being delivered by Swedish manufacturer Randek AB.

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