Frameclad CPD style event on light gauge steel

19th January 2022 until 19th January 2022


The session will provide an overview of the uses and advantages of light gauge steel as well as the process from design, technical appraisal to finish.

The presenter will include Steve Goodenough, Frameclad’s sales Director for the South

Recent feedback from Nigel Ostime of Hawkins\Brown whose team took advantage of this opportunity….

“Just a quick note to say thanks for organising a really helpful CPD from Frameclad for me and my colleagues at Hawkins\Brown.

As you know we are on a journey to get everyone in the practice to have a solid understanding of all the MMC categories and this provided some practical advice on using Category 2. Steve Goodenough was a great speaker and covered all the ground we were looking for.

It was good to have an overview of the processes Frameclad follow, how they can help us as designers, and where they can bring best value to our projects. I know my colleagues found it really useful to put it in context with the other MMC systems, as well as an overview of the uses and advantages of light gauge steel and the process from design and technical appraisal to assembly”.


For more information about Frameclad click here

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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